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EPISODE 27 - Luke Mullet - Part 2

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Welcome to Episode 27 to The Unravelling Travelling Podcast for part 2 with our special guest; Luke Mullett. 

As mentioned in the previous episode, Luke is an incredibly talented travel photographer and vlogger. His intense and raw style of travel is both admirable and frightening at the same time, and leads to some wonderful stories. 

In this episode we discuss even more of Luke's travels, including his 1,700 km hitch-hiking journey from Chennai all the way to Kolkata, his love for travelling solo, his time living and working in Mozambique, where he also got his dive master-ship, and what it is like travelling with anxiety.  

All this and so much more in this latest episode! 

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy! 

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Luke's youtube -

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