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EPISODE 26 - Luke Mullet - Part 1

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Welcome to Episode 26 to The Unravelling Travelling Podcast with our special guest; Luke Mullett.

Luke is a travel photographer and vlogger. Luke's style of travel is incredibly unique, and he spends a lot of his time hitch-hiking, camping at the side of the road and eating the cheapest food to save money when travelling. 

In this episode we discuss Luke's ongoing love affair with India, treating himself to a 15 course meal in Nepal, and living off of Maggi noodles (which he had a rather bad intolerance to). We also talk to him about the time he nearly got lynched for having a poo in the ladies toilets of a temple, as well as the time that he visited the world's largest refugee camp in Bangladesh.

There was so much to discuss that we decided this would have to be a two part episode! 

All this and so much more in this latest episode! 

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy! 

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