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EPISODE 17 - Top 5 countries for food

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Welcome to Episode 17 to The Unravelling Travelling Podcast!

Over the next load of episodes we will discussing our top 5 countries in a chosen subject, kicking off with food! In this episode we debate which countries make the list of the best countries we have visited for food and which just miss out. 

We both believe that food is such an important part of travelling. It represents a countries culture and can vary hugely from one country to the next. Each country has a signature dish as well as their own take on other countries cuisines. Narrowing down this list was difficult, but we're pretty happy with our final choices! Whether it is Italian pizza, spicy Chinese hot-pot, or Li forgetting that Thai food is from Thailand, we have something for you, no matter your appetite.

So, grab your knife and fork, put your bib on and tuck into this filling episode!

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!

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