Unravelling Travelling is a compilation of travel documentation by Ben & Li. We are a (super cute) couple from England whose only aim is to make travel more accessible to those who aren't naturally in a position of such privilege - and there's no denying that travel IS a privilege. We plan to document our life on the road and gather as much information as we can to create the perfect collection of tips and ideas for your benefit. Our aim as a couple is to make our way around the world, working as much as possible to keep ourselves afloat, for as many years as we possibly can! Wish us luck and be sure to contact us if you'd like to meet us, join us or work with us!

About Ben

By Li

Ben is the type of traveller that makes you wait 20 minutes in the cold whilst he takes 73 photos of a dog in the street. He's the photographer of Unravelling Travelling and lives for candid moments. He's the good cop to my bad cop, both in life and in travelling. He's always wanting to make other people happy and he does so with his kindness, his creativity and his really bad puns. I was Ben's first ever travel buddy and he is possibly the easiest person in the world to travel with!

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Ben, you are sure to be roped into the longest, deepest chats with about 106 hugs thrown in for good measure.

His need to travel derives from his wacky parents who were way more spontaneous and adventurous than we could ever dare to be. From solo travel at 8 years old to (accidentally) hitchhiking with some form of Italian militia, there's no wonder Ben was inspired to see the world, just perhaps a bit safer and not as absolutely terrifying.

I'm sure you'll join me in saying we can't wait to see where his incredible photography takes him.

About Li

By Ben

Li is the more seasoned traveller of the two of us, everything I've learnt from travelling has been from her, she's also a hella good dancer. Li has travelled Europe 4 times as well as worked on board a cruise ship around USA, South America and the Caribbean. I look up to her a lot, not just in travelling but in most aspects of our lives, she's the perfect person to go on adventures with!

Li's love for travel came from living in a poorer area of the country and desperately wanting to travel and see other places, a luxury many unfortunately can't afford. She then went to study in London before taking her first step into travelling by applying for cruise ship work, as suggested by her step dad! 

Li is our chief writer and videographer and she's becoming a pretty good photographer too! (Leave something to me, why won't you?). Li is an incredibly sociable and inspiring person, she is great at meeting new people, which makes her even more fun to be around. If you ever meet her at a hostel, chances are you'll be on a random bar crawl together in the next few hours talking politics and getting a huge array of travel tips!

Without Li, I wouldn't be travelling the way I am, so here's to her!

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